What does "PENK" mean? 

It is a pun in portuguese with the word "penca", which means "a bunch" - usually used it in connection with bananas 🍌 - and the fact that the letter "k" sounds like "ka" in portuguese.

Who is Bruna de Andrade? 


From Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Bruna is a Leo with ascendant in Scorpio and moon in Gemini, who doesn't really care about star signs & astrology, but find them fun. A fashion graduate with a passion for colours, nature, art, accessories & vintage stuff.


After changing careers from being an intellectual property lawyer in Brazil, Bruna decided to study Fashion Design in New York. After graduating with honors, visa issues made her move to London, where she pivoted her career once again, working as an illustrator & graphic designer for a small brand, and creating Penk as an outlet to make & sell art inspired accessories.


Apparently that was too restrictive, and now Penk is turning into an accessories brand, where multiple inspirations & ideas merge into fun and colourful products.